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10 Signs Your Woman Is Cheating On You

You are not the jealous type, but do you ever feel like your girl is cheating or up to something? Use these signs to determine whether her eye is wandering.

You can’t pinpoint what it is, exactly, but the feeling is just too strong: something is different. That very strong feeling is called intuition. Apparently, males have it, too. Hurray! The problem with intuition is it’s just that—intuition. It’s just a guide for you in finding out the truth. Until you have solid proof of her infidelity, you can’t accuse your girlfriend of cheating.

And if she really is cheating on you, you can’t confront her empty-handed, or else she might just deny it and start cleaning up her act. Unless done in a relaxed, honest approach, it’s better to have enough specific proof before having “the talk.”

#1 She suddenly becomes dreamy.

You know what “in love” looks and feels like. It’s a kind of high that’s impossible to hide. If you notice her smiling and blushing like a teenage girl when she’s checking her phone or during random moments, it’s possible that she’s in love with someone else.

But, you know, having giddy feelings doesn’t mean she is cheating. She could be giddy for a lot of reasons. It could be that she has a harmless crush, she remembered something funny, or she’s thinking of shopping.

#2 She’s buying way too much sexy lingerie.

If she’s always been content wearing granny panties and, all of the sudden, she raids the mall for the sexiest lingerie available, you have to wonder why. Admittedly, she could just be in the mood to have a makeover.

Come on—any woman can buy sexy lingerie, just because. Just make sure she’s wearing it for you. If her intimacy level is low, but her lingerie collection is piling up, it’s not a good sign.

#3 She now enjoys her independence.

She used to be clingy with you, by bombarding you with texts all day. Many times, you felt choked by her lack of independence—but all of the sudden, she’s okay without you.

She rarely texts you and has no issues with you not texting her, either. Chances are, she’s having way too much fun without you.

#4 She won’t let you touch her phone anymore.

You used to freely use and explore each other’s phones and gadgets, simply because there was nothing to hide. You do not spy on her by reading her messages, though.

You just enjoyed tinkering with each other’s stuff. But now, her phone and gadgets are off-limits. Unless you suspect that she’s planning a surprise party for you, it’s cause for alarm.

#5 She exits when answering calls.

Why would she go to the bathroom to answer phone calls, when she used to let you hear every conversation she had?

Again, if your birthday is not around the corner, be wary.

#6 She deletes her search history.

So, you got really suspicious of all the changes you noticed with her and you now want to investigate. The first thing you probably want to check is her search history. You expect to see articles on infidelity but you’re left hanging; all you see is a blank page. She has deleted her search history.

You check again the next week, and find the same thing. Since when did this become a habit of hers? Unless she’s keeping something else from you she’s shy that she’s watching porn, she’s searching for a new job and you’re against it, etc, then it’s a sign, brother.

#7 Wandering eyes.

When you’re out in public, her eyes scan the area as if she’s looking for someone. She’s either wanting or dreading a chance encounter with her lover.

You will notice that she just isn’t as relaxed and focused as before.

#8 She mumbles when she says, “I love you.”

It doesn’t automatically mean that she’s cheating, but this could be a sign that she’s not that into you anymore, and she feels icky saying those words. It could also simply be because she’s tired of saying it every single day.

Some women get lazy, too, you know. When coupled with at least five of the signs on this list, though, it’s a sign of something else.

#9 She avoids intimacy.

Most of us get bored with sex if we’ve been with the same person for more than three years. However, if a simple touch makes her cringe or cry, or her interest in sex has completely vanished, she could be cheating, or checking out emotionally.

Either way, you need to talk.

#10 She doesn’t seem connected when you make love.

Let’s say she still “agrees” to make love to you, but you notice she’s stiff and boring as a log. She used to be very intimate, but now it’s as if she’s just doing it to avoid confrontation.

It could be her fluctuating hormones, or it could be because she’s found someone she’s more connected to.

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Singer Yemi Alade Flaunts Super Hot Bod In New Photos

Looks like the body on Yemi Alade is getting bigger as her status gets bigger in the music industry.

Some of her followers have accused her of wearing pad! We think she is naturally endowed. Another photo below

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8 Ways To Make Your Relationship Last Longer

You are lucky, if you are blessed with true love. Everyone crave to have an ideal relationship. You need to show attention and affection towards your partner in a romantic relationship.

Here are relationship tips on how to impress your boyfriend and keep him happy.

1. Take interest in his friends

It may be that for some of you, your boyfriend’s friends nothing but nuisances. Remember that your beau has a life apart from you and he would love it if you will take interest in his life.

Hang out with his friends and try to get along with them. Remember, your boyfriend wants his friends to like you and not love you. If any of his friends being flirty, stay away.

2. Smell nice

Your perfume can act as a magnate. Do not you feel a kind of nostalgia when you are away from your beau and someone wearing same perfume your boyfriend wears passes by?

Find out his favorite fragrance and wear it. He will not let you be alone for a second.

3. Be confident

Boys adore confident girls. Be confident when you are around your boyfriend. No one appreciates a person who lacks confident and feels insecure all the time. A confident person has bold approach towards his ambitions and aspirations.

‘Confidence’ is the quality you should posses as to make your boyfriend feel proud of you. How to be confident? Just believe in yourself from within, take care of yourself, stay in shape, eat healthy and be positive.

4. Express yourself

Do not expect your boyfriend to guess how you are feeling or what you are thinking. Not being clear about something can lead to misunderstandings and most of the break-ups take place due to petty misunderstandings.

Do not expect from your boyfriend more time for your relationship. Just speak it out. Communication is the key. Discuss things which are not clear. Conversations can address the biggest problems.

5. Look good

Look good, feel good. Looking good has nothing to do with beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Take very good care of yourself.

Small aspects such as keeping your nails clean, removing unwanted hair, wearing attire that suits you and taking care of your skin can make a lot of difference in your relationship.

6. Do not say things that will hurt

Out of the rage do not say things that will hurt him. Do not comment negatively about his family and friends. Do not doubt his love for you. Small fights are bound to happen in a relationship.

Keep your head even in the tricky situations. Think twice before saying anything. Remember, putting the toothpaste back in the tube is impossible.

7. Keep that smile on

Someone has quoted it rightly, ‘Never frown because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile.’ You smile fascinates him the most.

Your charm is hidden in your smile. Flaunt sparkling teeth, fresh breath, glossy lips and chirpy mood.

8. Trust him

Trust is the base of any relationship. Showing that you do not trust your boyfriend will make him lose faith in you.

Tell him, ‘I trust you’, ‘I believe in you’, ‘you are right’ ‘I have faith in you’ and such things. He will be pleased to know that you think he is worth you.

Never doubt his instincts unless you have firm proof. Trusting each other is the way towards blissful relationship.

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5 Clear Signs You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

Compatibility is an utmost essential requirement for any love relationship to bloom and last forever. Often we see people getting in relationship with someone whom they find attractive, talented or wealthy, but they are not necessarily compatible with each other.

Obviously, no two people can think alike on all the matters and be on the same level always. Some disparities are bound to occur in every relationship. However, it is important to ensure that the differences between you and your partner are not so big that it gets difficult to continue a harmonious and loving relationship.

Below are some of the signs that you need to watch out for as they indicate that you and your partner are not compatible

#1. Your mate is always unaware of your feelings

If your partner never really knows how you feel about everything surrounding you, then it is time that you reconsider your relationship with them.

He/she does not have to be a mind reader, but it certainly makes life easy for both of you if you can understand each other without the need of putting feelings in words always.

#2. There is very little spark between you and your mate

You do like your partner, but somehow you feel that your chemistry lacks spark. Maybe this is a sign that you are just not meant to be together.

#3. You and your partner have very few things in common

You like romantic outings, while your mate loves to go for adventurous trips. For you, spending time with family and friends is a priority over other stuff, but your partner feels that meeting deadlines and going for official lunches and dinners are important than socialising with closed ones.

If such is the case, then clearly the thought process of you and your partner does not match. It is necessary that you review your relationship with them before it gets too late.

#4. There is hardly anything to talk about

When you meet or call each other, do you have to think very hard about things that you both could talk about? After exchanging pleasantries and discussing about the weather, do you feel it is tough to continue the conversation with your partner? If holding the conversation is a challenge, then sustaining a long-term relationship surely stands a bleak chance.

#5. Perceptions and personalities do not match

Do you and your partner react very differently to the same thing? Having different personalities and holding diversely opposing perceptions about same issues show that you and your partner are just not compatible.

It might not always be necessary that you and your partner would hold the same opinion on all things, be it religion, politics, family, career, life or anything else. However, it is important for you both to have respect for each other’s beliefs, career choices, political affiliations and religious sentiments to maintain a healthy relationship.

If your partner ridicules your beliefs and questions your opinion every time you express them, then it is a sign that you and your partner are not made for each other.

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Click Here 8 Reasons Why Couples Who Eat Together, Stay Happy Together

I’m a foodie, a very honest and critical foodie. I’ve talked about my love for food in a lot of my articles, I just love trying out new things and testing out new flavours, I believe in good food being one of the strongest drivers of happiness in our lives. Now, because I’m a foodie, I can’t really be in a relationship with a girl who has no interest in food. Guys, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about all of the times she has said “I’ll eat whatever” or when you ask her for a place to eat, you get a very bland “I’m fine with anything”, I just CANNOT deal with a person who’s this uninterested in food. One of the major reasons why I click so well with my girlfriend and why we have a very strong bond is our mutual love for food. I can’t stress this point enough, it is truly a blessing to have a partner who is as interested (or maybe more) in food as I am, who wants to keep trying new things and also suggests new places to go to, it is bliss, sheer bliss.

This article is going to be about how couples who eat together, stay happy together. These are going to be some of the major reasons, let’s begin:

1. You don’t have to “pretend” to be all formal

Foodie couples have a closer bond than normal couples. They are so fond of the way they share food and try all the new flavours that they don’t have to pretend to be all formal when they go out to eat.

I mean don’t get me wrong, table manners are important, but they kind of fade away once you create that bond of comfort with your partner and when you eat together all the time, you become more comfortable with them than you can be with anyone else, maybe even more comfortable than you are with your friends, because your partner isn’t judging you or giving you looks when you eat with them, they’re just enjoying their food as much as you are, as much as they’re enjoying your company while eating.

2. You communicate on a stronger level

Couples who eat together have a stronger level of communication because they’re completely present on the table. They’re not involved in their phones or watching TV while eating, they’re sitting with each other and having a meaningful conversation with each other while enjoying their food. When I go out with my girlfriend, the conversations get so long sometimes that we forget the time and usually have to rush out because we always lose track of time, the conversations are just that interesting.

I’ve seen couples sitting next to us, silently eating away and staring into their phones while doing so, that’s honestly the saddest sight to see in today’s world. My meals with her are always pretty adventurous and fun, along with having some of the most interesting conversations involved.

3. You’re not a boring couple

Couples who eat together are also the adventurous sort. They’re always willing to try new restaurants and also step out of their comfort zones for food and try new things to see if they like them. Such couples also mutually decide on a place to go to, rather than the normal couples I’ve seen who usually have one or two favourite places where they go ALL THE TIME for their dates.

I mean, come on, live it up a little, make each other a part of these decisions. I’ve heard a lot of my guy friends complain about how their girlfriends never get involved in deciding the place to go to, they just go with whatever their guys decide, now that’s pretty boring and also becomes very monotonous after a while.

4. You know how to share

Couples who eat together are also amazing at sharing. Whenever I go out with my girlfriend, we always share each other’s food to try out what the other person is having, so we are always very friendly with each other when it comes to sharing (well, almost always).

We also order a lot of different items from the menu individually, because we know we can easily share from one another’s plate.

5. Agreeing on a restaurant isn’t a task

When it comes to going out for a fancy meal, a lot of couples can’t really agree on one restaurant without having a discussion about it.

Foodie couples always have one restaurant decided before they go out, because one of the two partners usually gets to pick a place before and then it’s the other partner’s turn, so it’s never a difficult task for foodie couples. And trust me, if a couple can agree on a restaurant easily, they can literally agree on anything.

6. You get healthy together

Foodie couples are amazingly good when it comes to keeping one specific healthy diet. I just recently started working out and my diet has become so much easier because of my girlfriend.

We both eat the same diet foods together, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much and she gets to eat healthy because of me. We do have our cheat days, however, when we go binge on all of the tantalising things we’ve missed out on, but we stay healthy in the end, we stay healthy together.

7. You represent a very strong relationship

Whenever I go out on a double date with my girlfriend, the other couple usually asks us how we do it. My girlfriend and I are always so involved in each other’s conversation that we start making the other couple think that they don’t really communicate as much as we do, so they start asking us for tips to make their dinners and lunches better.

We have a strong rule when it comes to food, our phones are on silent. We don’t start texting in the middle of our meals, we just pay attention to what the other person has to say and we end up having the best conversations.

8. You learn a lot of things about each other

Foodie couples know more about each other because of the comfort level they share. I still remember this like it was yesterday; when I first went out with my girlfriend, there was a lot of silence at the table, we were trying to have a conversation while not looking too weird while eating.

But now, it works like clockwork. We aren’t ashamed of eating like ourselves, like we would in the comfort of our homes, because we know there’s no one judging us and we are safe with each other. I’ve learned so many things about my girlfriend’s habits once we developed that level of comfort with each other.

I also know each and every kind of food she loves and I also know what she hates, it makes things a lot easier when we are ordering for each other. It’s also very cute when your significant other knows what you’re having.

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A Must Read For All Ladies – I Married Him For Money, But After Marriage Everything Stopped

My name is Ayo. I am in my late 20’s. I have been married for 3 years. Okay let me start over again, I am writing this story because I want girls to read and learn from my experience.

I dated Alhaji for a while, not minding the fact that he has three wives. I was only interested in getting married, and it didn’t really matter who, as long as he had money, and I could be tagged a Lagos big girl. I eventually got married to alhaji, and he promised to buy me a house, car, and startup a business for me.
I got pregnant almost immediately and moved to one of his houses.

I thought alhaji would buy me a car immediately since I was carrying his baby but he always asked his driver to take me wherever I wanted. Is excuse was that he did not want me to drive around because of my condition.

I later mentioned it to him and he told me he was going to get it once I had my baby.
Three months after my baby was born, I raised the issue of starting my business and getting my car again, and he just waved it up.

After six months I couldn’t take it again because alhaji started giving me just 25k monthly for upkeep and I had to do something. So I called one of my ex-aristos and told him my predicament. He was kind enough to give me 500k I added 200k I had to it and started my business.

Alhaji asked me where I got the money from I told him it was my savings. After a while he gave me a 2-door golf car, and I was disappointed because his wives drives jeeps but alhaji would not hear of it, he said that’s what he had for me so I took it.

When the shame became too much I started sleeping with aristos again secretly and I am living better now. I went to my family to tell them I want tot leave alhaji, but they disagreed because they all opposed my marriage at first and they all insist I must continue.

I am already making plans I have to leave alhaji next year I can’t continue to suffer. I don’t care what you guys think or say about me, I just want ladies like me to read and learn from it that “All that glitters is not gold”.
I married him for MONEY but after marriage everything stopped. He became a new man. 3 years of marriage and nothing to show for it.

5 CRUCIAL Things To Figure Out In The First 6 Weeks Of Relationships

If you’re falling in love, ask yourself these questions, STAT.

Hey, you just met him and this is crazy, but … could this be something, maybe?

We’ve all had one of those fairy unicorn dates — everything goes so smoothly, the chemistry is so strong, the desire to see him naked and make out with him (right at that bar stool) is so intense, you can barely fight it. The best part about those wonderful dates, apart from renewing your faith in the male species, is that they open up the possibility of a relationship longer than a few drinks or a few dates.

But while it can be tempting (and exhilarating, even) to throw all caution to the wind and let yourself completely escape in this new hunk, experts agree that if you really want a long-term relationship instead of a fling, there are some things you should try to figure out within the first six weeks of dating.

Consider this your most important to-do list:

1. Are you sexually compatible?

Think about it: do you really want to spend the rest of your life (or um, even another night) putting up with sex that just isn’t working? The first time you do the deed with anyone is going to be a little awkward, and while it’s normal to take a few tries to figure out how you move together in a way that gets you both hot, there’s a difference between sex that’s getting better and bad sex.

Relationship and sex expert Dr. Kat Van Kirk says, “Many people underestimate how important sex will be when they first get together and many think they are doing themselves a favor by not having sex right away. You need to have the information about how things will be for you both sexually. That means everything from arousal to what you like to do to one another to finding the best times to have sex together.”

2. Can you fight in a healthy way?

Even when you’re in the honeymoon stage during the beginning of your relationship — those blissful six weeks — you’ll have fights as a couple. Honestly, those arguments are healthy for your relationship and can often times bring you closer, but only if you fight effectively.

“Most people avoid conflict for as long as possible when they first get together, but I look at it as a good thing,” Dr. Van Kirk says. “Experiencing some conflict in the first six weeks will give you an opportunity to see how you negotiate disagreements.”

Are you hot headed and he’s mellow? Does he run away from conflict or talk it out?

3. How do you handle stress together?

The most stressful thing about your relationship right now is how often you get to see one another and where you’re going away for your first romantic getaway as a couple, but if you’re going to make it in the long run, you’re going to experience much more stressful situations. From planning a wedding to having a baby and buying a house, it’s important to understand and identify how your partner handles being stressed the f*ck out.

“Knowing how your partner processes stress is important to know sooner in the relationship versus later,” Van Kirk says. “Do they work out, lose themselves in TV, or self soothe with weed? Figure out if you can put up with whatever they do and if they take it out on you.”

4. How do you communicate?

Clever conversation, flirty text messages, and proclamations of love are all fine and dandy, but how do you really discuss how you feel? What you want? What’s working? What could improve? Does he listen to you when you need to vent without berating you with advice? Do you value his opinion and does he respect yours?

Of all the things that keep a relationship healthy, being able to talk is at the top of the must-haves. “Paying attention to how you and your new partner communicate in the first weeks is important. This means you’ll want to know if you are compatible with how you show affection, if you listen to one another versus talking over one another, and how you both understand one another’s needs,” says Van Kirk.

5. Do you want the same things?

“You may be having great sex and getting along well, but if you don’t share overall life values, your relationship may suffer in the end. This can mean that ultimately you don’t agree on religion, where to live or having children. Many couples think those issues will sort themselves out but sometimes they don’t, even after you are together several years,” Van Kirk says.

You might not want to bring these topics up in the first six weeks because it could seem like too much, but think about it casually. Comment on a cute kid, talk about how you’ve dreamed of living somewhere else, or bring up a memory from your childhood about religion. More likely than not, he’ll chime in. Just make sure you listen.

6 Reasons You’re Only A Hookup, And You’ll NEVER Be His Girlfriend

Time to take responsibility, ladies!

You’ve been hanging out with this guy for weeks, maybe even months. You’re not sure how he feels and you haven’t had “the talk.” You think you’re ready for more — but he hasn’t brought it up. Maybe he’s even avoiding the topic completely.

In a culture where relationship lines are blurred and more people are hooking up than cuffin’ up, taking the leap from casual to commitment can seem complicated.

The thing is, if a man wants to be with you, he will do whatever it takes to have you. There are reasons you’ve remained a hookup and not his girlfriend — here they are:

1. You enabled the hookup mentality.

He was passive in his approach, and you enabled his behavior. Maybe you started out as friends, or met through mutual friends, which made you comfortable hooking up right away. Maybe you weren’t looking for more than a hookup at the time, anyway. Since your relationship didn’t start out on a course to commitment, there was never an expectation to commit. There’s never been the expectation for him to take you out or treat you as anything but a hookup, and so, there you stand.

2. You never told him what you wanted.

You wanted to be the cool girl because you didn’t want to pressure him. You were just having fun, but then, you started feeling things. Even then, you didn’t say anything because you were afraid to do so. He can’t read your mind. Unless you clearly express how you feel and what you want, you’ll never get it and you’ll be stuck in a cycle of unfulfilled expectations.

3. You didn’t make him a priority.

Hanging out and hooking up once a week or every now and then was okay with you. You were busy, he was busy, and neither of you wanted to put any pressure on the situation. You didn’t prioritize each other, and he needed more attention from you to figure out if you were worth settling down with. Now, he’s spending more time with the person who did prioritize him.

4. You ignore the signs that he’s emotionally unavailable.

He never slept over because he always had an early day at work the next day, or whatever other excuses he gave you. You never went on dates because he only communicated when he wanted to hook up. He didn’t share his days with you and you never got to know much about him. He only gave you enough to keep you holding on to hope. Those are the signs of the emotionally unavailable man and you missed them.

5. You “gave him the milk for free.”

We’ve all heard the saying, “Why buy the cow, when you get the milk for free?” This normally refers to sex, but there’s more to it. He’s getting all the benefits of being your boyfriend without having to commit. You’re cooking and cleaning for him. You’re supporting his dreams. You’re giving him your time and your heart. Why would he commit when he’s already getting all of the perks?

6. He’s just not that into you.

We’re not all meant for each other. Maybe he’s just not that into you, but the sex is good so he keeps hooking up.

No matter the reason, if you’re looking for more, it’s time to talk about it. Get on the same page with the man who is getting your time, mind, and body. Don’t let fear, comfort, or selfishness keep you from getting what you ultimately need and deserve. No matter the outcome, you’ll live to love another day.